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Back To School Week

I can’t believe it is that time again!! For me it is bittersweet. Time flies by so quick..seems faster with every passing year. For those who do not know me, I am a Mama to 3 beautiful daughters. My oldest Heaven-Lee will be starting this school year as a sophomore!!! As if that didn’t make me feel like the time has flown by..DannieMarie (9) and Sophie(7) aren’t to far behind their big sister. I get emotional just thinking about it. I sit and think about how much they have grown..and keep growing. I look at their homemade hand print sitting on my t.v. tiny their little hands it felt to hold their little hand in my hand..walking with me..their little legs trying to keep up with me…UGH!! Now I walk slower just to savor a hand to hold..because one day DannieMarie and Sophie will be “Too Old” to hold my hand like their big sister or “Too Old” to have a bed time story read to them… My children have been the greatest accomplishments I have ever made.

I wanted to share some ideas as we give our babies away again to their teachers, some helpful all natural tips as Back To School approaches. This post is not directed at just is for the teachers too. After all, they have our babies all day (totally jealous). I wanted to share with other parents and teachers as well, some awesome recipes, back to school ideas for snacks, increasing focus, alertness, and creating a safe, clean and calm environment. For all involved. So please share this with other parents..and a teacher or two…

Getting back into the swing of things and being on a schedule again. Isn’t easy. In our house we “practice” a week before school starts with setting our alarms. Waking up early. Going to bed early etc. This way it is easier to transition when it’s actually time to do so. Here is a great idea to try in the morning during the week. Not only for our child/children..but for us as well. Have any ideas on what??? Well…. If you haven’t noticed by now or you are new to my website/blog…I’m all about being  NATURAL.. ORGANIC.. AUTHENTIC.. sprinkled with a conscious amount of ONENESS….so………………
The best Wake Me UP comes from a few favorite choice Essential Oils.. here’s my recipe..

Wake Up & Seize the day

Diffusing these oils in the morning…. I will set the diffuser up and have it running at least 10 min prior to waking my girls up…this way the aroma is already hitting their subconscious and doing its magic…when they do open their eyes…stretch and get dressed. They have now had a full 20 -30 min of aromatic benefits. They are ready to take on the day. This is also a great Wake Me Up for us parents and or teachers as well. I actually stopped drinking coffee by using these  oils in the morning. It’s amazing. I always felt I needed the coffee to get moving and stay moving. Not the case…it’s been 3 coffee. And I actually have more energy. Without the dependence of caffeine..

Back to the subject of diffusing Essential Oils….TEACHERS LISTEN UP !!!!!! What better way for you to keep germs out of your classroom…What better way for you to control your environment?? What better way to promote a calm, peaceful, focused driven students (while given yourself peace) then by diffusing in the classroom????

Teacher's Must Have Essential Oils

Lets get down to business…GERMS… Bacteria and viruses are on pretty much everything including floating in the air. Every sneeze…Every cough…Every hand….desk…etc..etc… So what are we told to do by mainstream media and society??? Buy hand sanitizer, right? WRONG !!!!!! The main ingredients in hand sanitizer is alcohol. Studies have shown that the Ethyl alcohol (found in hand sanitizer) has been found to be absorbed into the bloodstream with every application. Another route of reaching the bloodstream is by inhalation of the vapors. To further add to this, Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol (key ingredient) is a known neurotoxin…meaning it is toxic to the nervous system. Another ingredient is Glycerin , which for our household is a NO NO !!

Glycerin is a product made from the melting down of animal fat. FYI: it is commonly found in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicines, vaccines, and processed foods. As far as is low, but does cause a dry skin effect. Carboner is another ingredient found in hand sanitizer. Basically,  it’s a generic name for a product made from petrochemical acrylic acid…Currently there is not enough research regarding the toxicity. That raises a major concern as a mother. Finally we have the fragrance. Or lack of. This fake fragrance is made up of just about anything. Here’s great news….it is unregulated in the U.S. and typically made from dozens of chemicals known to be toxic..
Many of the above chemicals have been studied to affect sex hormones, asthma related issues, and much more. The hand sanitizer that boosts ” Alcohol free” are no safer than the ones containing alcohol. Do the research for yourself…It’s insane… I know adults who use hand sanitizer 24- 7…and yet are sick 24 -7..Wonder why???? Same thing can be said for children. So how do you ask, can we keep our children from picking up germs and or giving germs to others???

First of all, proper hygiene including hand washing is the #1 way to prevent the spread of germs. Another way is by making an ALL NATURAL HAND SANITIZER. Parents this can be a fun activity to include your child/children…Teachers this to can be a fun activity to make in class…and in addition. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO MAKE A HOMEMADE PRESENT FOR THE HOLIDAYS…options are limitless. Here is a trusted recipe.

Essential Oil Cleaning Gel


I absolutely LOVE OnGuard essential oil. Its a must have in our home. OnGuard has been shown in studies to be a powerful immune supporter. It has a warm and spicy aroma. The oil is used in so many ways. I make an all-purpose cleaner with it(come back next week for the recipe). I also use it in our foaming hand wash, homemade bubbles…I diffuse it…We take it internally…and I also place it on the soles of our feet before walking out the door. OnGurad is an AMAZING oil. In fact… here is a great article to read regarding how OnGuard attenuate Influenza ( Teachers this is the oil you must keep on hand to protect not only the classroom but yourself as well. Since converting our home to strictly Essential oils and Homeopathic ways. Our home is not only CLEAN but is FREE from chemicals. Yet we have not had ANY sickness in home.

Its is a super easy recipe to make. And trust me the Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel WILL come in handy for more than just this recipe. The bottles and rubber holders can be found online at places like Follow these steps to make some All Natural Cleansing Gel using Essential Oils. Are you ready?? Combine the Aloe Vera Gel, and Vitamin E oil…..add the 10 drops of the On Guard Essential oil…add the water…Mix…if more water is needed for consistency. Add a little more water. Pour into the container. THAT’S It….Super Easy right?? It’s so easy in fact, there really should be NO EXCUSE as to WHY your child/children or classroom use a chemical hand sanitizer. Again. This cleansing gel is a great gift idea as well.. **HINT**

I’m really excited about this weeks blog and the following weeks to come. I love sharing the POWER of Essential Oils. Have you ever tried any of these blends, ideas, etc.?? Are you interested in trying them or learning more about Essential Oils? Interested in finding out where you can purchase the best oils? Feel free to reach out, I would LOVE to help you. Don’t forget to check back next week for recipes about making an All Purpose Cleaner for the house and or classroom… recipes for diffuser blends to battle Seasonal Threats…How to give yourself and child/children daily PROTECTION and some delicious and nutritious after school snacks. I hope you enjoyed these recipes and ideas. Please share with other parents and those TEACHERS. Like, Follow, Share, Heck..Print them out and send with your child to give to their teacher even. It is our job as parents to Protect our children. And it is also the job of the teacher to Protect his/her students. As always you can find and follow Inner EarthChild Solutions on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Walk in Love & Appreciation …Today & Ev’ry day….



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