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With Back To School (either here for some of us or fast approaching for others) there are a few things we can do to keep our little ones safe.  I  have discussed how to make so many all natural products to combat things like seasonal threats….germs…oils to boost our immune system…household cleaning …healthy after school snacks…and oils known to help with concentration… and let’s not forget oils to help you  Quit Smoking…What more  could I possibly have to say ??

I have a few more tips to give you. As our children (especially the elementary ones) come in close contact with other some point..there will be an outbreak either in the classroom or school outbreak that just makes me cringe….Yep..You know it…….LICE !!!!!  Ugh …. The thought of it automatically makes me itch. We can explain to our children not to use other people’s combs/brushes, hair ties, hats, etc. but at some point it happens. So how can you protect your child/children and household from lice? Easy…….

Keep the Lice at Away

This recipe is amazing at protecting your child/children..and others in the household, as it is contagious. The reason why this recipe works so well, is the ingredients itself. The oils!!!! They work as an insect repellent. Lice are attracted to clean hair..and our smell. Melaleuca oil has an antiseptic properties and it is used in several countries as a lice repellent. Clove oil has been known to kill parasites. Which is EXACTLY what lice are!! Lavender, Peppermint, and Rosemary oils also have antiseptic and insect repellent properties..and they have a floral scent. Which can mask the strong oder of the Melaleuca and Peppermint. Simply spray on your child’s hair and comb thru. Do this daily before school..this way nothing is brought home !!!! No infestation!!!

Now that we’ve gotten past the gross stuff…well sort of. I have discussed a lot of ideas and tips that can be used on your child/children…now let’s focus on the older ones….the TEENS!! Whether you have a teenager yourself or know one though family or friends….they too can benefit from essential oils. If you have a teen who plays sports you know the dreaded smell right?? The stinky shoes..cleats, gym bag etc.

Introduce….Stink Be Gone….

May I also add that this spray can be used in so many ways actually..not just solely for teens. Stinky house…stinky car…(stinky clothes left in the washer after being washed that someone forgot about until you go down stairs and find them sitting in washing machine..smelly..but no one claims they know anything about it)…sound familiar? I know I’m not alone…Anyway what ever stink you are trying to get rid of…try this recipe.

Stink Be Gone

Please allow me to explain  a little more on how using Essential Oils is by far…hands down…Safer than the chemical cocktails that are advertised on T.V or other media well as lined up in the stores we go too. For example, Febreeze and other air fresheners claim to freshen the home and target oder molecules. Trap and remove them. Right? You’ve seen the commercials. Here’s the thing. Farthest thing from the truth. The odor molecules are not trapped and removed. They are still there. Just masked by the “smell” of a chemical cocktail…that you just sprayed in your house. The scary part is that Febreeze for example, does not disclose all of their ingredients. They only claim 3, yet the Environmental Working Group or EWG found 87 chemicals!!!! Take a look at some of the ingredients found:

• The chemical 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol has been linked to cancer.
• Methyl pyrrolidone is toxic to reproduction and development.
• Gerinoil irritates skin, eyes, and lungs.
• Hexyl cinnamal is an allergen.
• Propylene glycol also causes cancer, causes allergies, and is toxic to the immune system.
• Ethyl acetate is linked to neurotoxicity.
• Alcohol denatured has been known to cause organ system toxicity.
• Ethylhexanol-irritates skin, eyes, and lungs and is toxic to reproduction and development systems.
• Linalool is an immunotoxin

Again. The scary part is this in not the full list of known chemicals inside a can of Febreeze. These chemicals are being inhaled by you..your child/children and pets. For those that suffer from respiratory issues and or allergies. Spraying these chemicals in your home is just asking for an attack..or worse. For a full list of the chemicals in Febreeze or other cleaning products check out the EWG website and prepare to be in shock( Don’t think your off the hook by using the Plug In’s, Carpet deodorizers, candle burning scents or by burning incense. Highly carcinogenic chemicals are still released when heated up and burned. In addition, did you know that the air quality in our homes according to the last several years of scientific research by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, shows evidence that the air in our homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than outdoor air. This is because our homes are not well ventilated.

Improve the Air Quality in your home and office

You can still have a home or office or classroom that provides an aroma of cleanliness or invigorates the senses. Apply 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or I recommend alternating Purify, Wild Orange and On Guard to your filter in the AC/ Heater duct system. I also recommend diffusing oils in the home as well..Remember each oil not only has a distinct aroma..but medicinal benefits as well. What a deal…2 for the price of 1!! Here is a favorite recipe that gives the home or office a sense of pure clean and a pleasant atmosphere. Give it a try the next time you burn dinner or cook something stinky…Let me know what you think?

Freshen Up Diffuser Blend

It’s scary and yet disgusting that companies are allowed to produce products that are strategically designed for consumers to buy and use. Knowing all the harm the chemicals can do. And yet…Do you hear that???………………………………………………….Nope….not one peep about the disclosure of chemicals and dangers the products pose..Otherwise..who would buy them?? How much money would they loose?? Again, it is no news where I stand when it comes to chemicals in my food, water, air, cleaning products, hygiene, cosmetics, etc. etc. I was blown away when I first began researching and learning of the horrors. I can’t stop what is meant to be will be. However…I can make sure that I do my best as a Mama and EarthChild…to bring others into the light.

I look back at times in my life and find myself amazed at how much I’ve grown. Grown into this health conscious woman.. A divine creature…I honestly do not know how I survived prior..but I did…However…I feel much more healthier, happier, wiser, connected, grounded, conscious..than I ever have felt in my life…and the beautiful part is that …my journey is far from over!!! I absolutely love being apart of a company that gives me the ability to take charge of my children’s health and more. A company that has high standards, the purest oils, co – sources and gives so much of volunteering and help to communities WORLD WIDE. If you are interested in learning more about this company or how essential oils can and will change your life, leave me a message or contact me directly. I LOVE helping people and I’m never too tired to talk about the Power of Nature Captured in a bottle.

Getting back on subject. Lets see…where were talking about gross smells…Ah yes!! For the teens and quite frankly for us adults too….the dreaded bad breath!!! Why chose mints or gum that AGAIN have animal ingredients and packed full of GMO’s and chemicals??? Why?? They are chosen because it is convenient (as that is the type of society we live in) and also because people do not know better. They simply are not aware…Or are you?? And yet still chose those products???? Regardless, there is a safe way to get rid of bad breath by……..yes…….you guessed…Essential Oils (que in music).

Funky Breath Spray

Bad breath can be eliminated by utilizing Peppermint. Peppermint oil is actually used in several gums and toothpaste to provide fresh breath. Add a drop of Peppermint oil and Lemon oil for a clean, fresh mouth rinse. Another favorite of mine is using the On Guard I talked about in the last post. The immune boosting components plus the cinnamon, clove, Wild Orange and more. Provide fresh breath all while boosting the immune system..kinda of a 2 for 1 deal. Both of these oils also are made into a beadlet form that is quick and easy for traveling, keeping in the purse, office desk, or your teens book bag. Another option is a breath spray as shown above. A 2 oz amber bottle will do the trick. What ever method you decide to use, you can trust and know that there are no chemicals and you are naturally freshening your breath as our ancestors once did. They were connected with Mama Earth..Grounded……Knew which plants did what and were not afraid to use them…they were not afraid to Release their Inner EarthChild..For they were just that.

I enjoyed giving you healthy options that are so useful for Back To School and in general. It really is liberating to make your own yourself and others (if you gift them something) a sense of FREEDOM. Freedom from being tied down to a system that is not concerned with your health. A system that is out to make money. Regardless of the cost of your health. Your child’s health. Your pets health. Or the environments health. I implore you to take the steps on eliminating your carbon footprint…on shifting your consciousness to another level you never thought become an example that our youthful generation can look up too…Be The Change…Chose products that are safe for the environment. Safe for human and animals. Products that are free from animal derivatives and cruelty free…Pay more attention to your food label ingredients.. Question. Research…Release your Inner EarthChild!!

I hope you enjoyed learning some new tips on how you can benefit from using essential oils. Be sure to check back next week for more amazing tips for the teens and us adults. I will discuss muscle relief oils, PMS relief, daily supplements and an oil specifically for the TEACHERS out there. Have you ever tried the tips I wrote about? What worked for you. What didn’t? I would love to hear and maybe give some pointers…..Or learn something new. I always encourage’s the only way we grow…Feel free to leave a comment or reach me directly. You can find Inner EarthChild Solutions on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course right here! See ya next week!!

*Don’t forget…Monday August 21st,2017….is the SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!! As I’m sure your probably already laughing at how EarthChild is all amped up about it…Well I AM!!!
A total solar eclipse…I find it amazing how our ancestors used the sun, moon and stars. And the importance of their alignment. Take a moment from your busy schedules…look up in the sky. Take a drive if you can, to watch. Sit or Stand..Stare in amazement..Think about how small and vulnerable we are in this vast Universe. Be mindful with every breath.*

Walk in Love and Appreciation….. Today & Evr’y day….




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