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It’s September and for our home and others in my state, we have made it thru a successful month of Back To School. For others, September is their Back To School. I remember growing up in NJ and we started the day after Labor Day. Where I live, my children started August 9th !!!! Crazy. Well regardless of wrapping up a great month or getting ready to begin the journey of Back To School…I leave you with a few things that I have found to be beneficial and necessary. For those who are reading this for the for the first time, I encourage you to check out the previous posts for excellent information, recipes, and more.
I have given recipes about germ prevention, immune boosting remedies, diffuser blends galore, healthy after school snacks, and homemade products..what more can could there be? Let’s discuss nutritional supplements. read it correct. Essential oils can be placed in a veggie capsule to be taken internally and the benefits are astounding. Of course I only recommend a company that has the purest oils and is labeled GRAS along with having a supplemental label on the bottle. (If you are interested in learning more about said company and or the oils..feel free to contact me. I would love to help you learn more or even send you a sample to try.)


Let’s look at the basic vitamins you find in the store. You have the most common ones that are tailored just right to market and pull in the parents with young children. The Flintstones, SpongeBob, Dora The Explorer, Lil Critters.. And they are shaped in a way that entices children such as stars, sea animals, teddy bears, etc. Any of these sound familiar? Read those labels..if you don’t know what to look for..research them. Don’t you want to know what you are giving your child? What is in the vitamins listed previously are some harmful ingredients. GMO’s, Aspartame, Artificial Flavors and dyes, High Fructose corn syrup, gelatin (boiled down animal skin) and many other synthetic fillers. Numerous studies have linked artificial colorants with symptoms such as ADHD in children.
In the European Union, foods that have artificial dyes MUST carry a food label warning stating ” may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children.” In the U.K. , the same artificial colorants have been banned. Yet the FDA here in America did not feel there was any link between the two and no warning label was issued. May I point out, that dietary supplements (broad term for vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, probiotics and amino acids)….is a big business. A $26 billion industry to be exact . That has grown by 27 percent in the last 5 years. Pediatric supplements are at $573 million….so naturally..if the FDA was to issue warning labels that those said supplements can cause ADHD, Autism and more…that’s a LOT OF MONEY LOST…same principal as BIG PHARM…I will save that for another post tho ; )

It shocking and disturbing when I found out what I was craming down my children’s the attempt to give them better nutrients. For more information and to read scientific studies regarding what is in the supplements you are giving your children, I encourage you to go to So what is a parent to do?? Our household utilizes supplements that contain NONE of the harmful ingredients listed above or found in almost all supplements on the market. For my little ones they take an IQ Mega…This is an excellent brain function supplement, as well as cardiovascular, immune, and joint function. My daughter Dannie swears that it is, ” brain food,” and feels that it gives her the support she needs in the morning.
My children also take the chewable A2Z tablet which is specifically formulated to be used with the IQ Mega for vitality and wellness. It gives my children the nutrients they need for optimal health. For myself I use a combo of 3 . The LifeLong Vitality pack or LLV. It is offered in a form for Vegans as well : ) It is all whole foods plant-based as well as infused with minerals and essential oils. I love that I am getting my full potential of nutrients not just thru my Vegan diet but in combination with these supplements. My energy level is amazing despite having a full plate. Once again, NO harmful ingredients and it is Gluten free/GMO free. Of course there are other supplements as well through the company that give support for digestive issues, muscle joints, women’s vitality complex and mens vitality complex as well. Again if you are interested in learning more about SAFE, HEALTHY supplements for yourself and or family, let me know how I can help.


Deep Blue Rub giving support to my daughters’ calves after a long game.

In the last post I touched base on some ideas and recipes for the older teens and adults. Lets continue with that. My oldest daughter plays lacrosse and she’s amazing!! She is a mid she is constantly running. At the end of the day her muscles are sore. We optimize her game skills as well as recovery by utilizing compression socks, muscle roller and an essential oil called Deep Blue. It also comes in a rub which she prefers over the bottle of oil. It smells like Icy Hot or BenGay..but has NO CHEMICALS AND TOXINS. This rub has been a savior for her, providing soothing effects and targeted benefits. Use in combination with ice packs and if you ask her, she will tell you it cuts down her healing time. My husband also swears by it for his neck and shoulder pain. I prefer to use it on my lower back when it’s that time of the month. It really takes that back labor feeling away.
I also gave a sample to a co-worker who used it on her neck and shoulders. Not only did it release tension from her neck and shoulders, but the aroma of the Peppermint and Wintergreen (and more) relieved her of her headache as well. The Deep Blue rub can also be used on smaller children in elementary school who suffer from “growing pains”. Rub a small amount on their legs at bedtime for relief. This is also perfect for the teacher who has some tension in the knees,legs, back, shoulders, neck after a long day at school. I highly recommend this oil/rub. Would you like to try a sample? I would love to introduce you to Deep Blue. You will fall in love with the benefits. Just leave a comment if you would like a sample.

Emotional Wellness

While staying on the subject of teens ..lets focus on our girls. Nothing personal boys just it’s a girl thing. Does your daughter or yourself suffer with menstrual cramps? In our house we use a monthly blend intended for women. Clary Calm is packed full of essential oils that help with cramps and helps soothe the emotional roller coaster of heightened emotions. It comes in a roller ball for easy application. It also smells amazing. I recommend this for the teens and us adults too. It is an excellent tool to utilize for the women who also suffer from menopause. Apply to the back of the neck, writs, over heart, and lower abdomen for soothing, calming, cooling effects. I love that it is in a convenient roller is so small it can fit in your pockets, book bag, purse, your desk or a drawer in the office..Wherever basically. Why not naturally use herbs and botanicals that are well-known and studied to help ease the discomfort that our teens must face, along with us older women too.

Since we are on the “emotions” aspect of things…..lets discuss Emotional Wellness. I plan on discussing this more as we head into the winter months, where lack of vitamin D gives us feelings of depression, but also the frantic holidays stress us out! For now, let’s discuss it briefly. There are some parents out there who are for the first time placing their child on the bus..Kindergarten came too fast didn’t it? I hurts. I have been there. It’s ok..You go right ahead and cry..worry….It’s comlpetley normal for you to have those emotions and do NOT let any one tell you otherwise. How about the parents who are watching their baby(s) enter into highschool? That one also made me cry. Again..Do it..Feel that Emotion. Its ok…or lets not forget the ones who are sending their baby(s) off to college…UGH..i can’t imagine. My oldest graduates in 3 years and I have been emotional off and on already. Let us also not forget the emotions we are facing with just being back on a schedule due to school. It’s a lot to try an juggle it all.
I do find myself over worked…stressed….frazzeled…..and I do have moments where I just want to run away…but I don’t. Although I have plenty of friends in countries all over the world who would love to take me in for a few….dreaming…. Sorry…..Ok… My point is learning to control our emotions and know how to do it is the key. I live by my beliefs that :

It is ok and perfect to have emotions,
to feel them…
to recognize them…
but …

This is so hard to do!! I can feel stressed, realize why I am, but it doesn give me the right to allow that emotion to take over…… My emotion does not determine my reaction. I fail short from time to time..but again..Im not perfect, who is?? Who would want to be?? I love that I am perfectly flawed.

Everything I have Ever learnt in Life..I once failed.

So what do I do when I’m stressed, angry, irritable, upset, sad….just plain emotional??

Essential Oils That Increase Negative Ions


I inhale Essential Oils………

Yup..and so does everyone else in my house..and you know what?? IT WORKS!!! When you place certain essential oils in a diffuser, the aroma from the oils reacts with the ions in the room..whether its your home or office. Picture a bunch of dots floating in the air. They are called positive ions. And their name is misleading. Positive ions are actually pollutants. Positive ions make us feel tired, irritable, depressed and anxious. They do NOT live up to their name. When Essential Oils are diffused in a cool mist (water) diffuser, the oils are released into the rooms atmosphere. The oils react with the positive ions (negative energy and pollutants) causing them to turn into Negative ions (positive). You did NOT read it wrong. Diffuse away!! The overload of positive ions overload our system with free radicals upsetting and disturbing our well-being.

Here is a diffuser blends that I highly recommend utilizing to help. Tested , Tried and True… to bring instant relief of anxiety, irritability, anger and create a grounded effect…so the schedules and the constant go-go-go can get done and we remain…


Balance Diffuser and Roller Ball Blend

I really enjoyed being able to reach you, wherever that may be, and have the opportunity to give you the PARENT or you the TEACHER the ability to use ALL Natural products that will help give you, your children or even students …a healthy start to a new school year……..Mind..Body..and Soul.

If you have any questions on learning more about the oils I have mentioned in this post or the several other ones on this page, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you either with purchasing an oil or simply learning to understand oils as well as  learning more about all the ways you can use Essential Oils in your everyday home and life. I also encourage you to leave a comment, question or criticism here on the post or any other of my blogs…We can not grow or Learn if we do not Engage and Inquire. I hope parents you will find this months posts about Back To School helpful…share it with other parents..and with the Teachers too!!! Stick around..the next few months are going to be filled with LOTS of info and recipes!!

Walk in Love & Appreciation….. Today & Ev’ry day!!!!




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